My Book Rating!


I haven’t really ever liked poetry books but this one was definitely worth reading. Disgusting Poems is so historicaly funny, you’ll be on the edge of your seat! My rating for this book is 8\10! WARNING: DO NOT READ WHILE OR AFTER EATING!!!

This poetry book has ways to use a dead bunny, gross arts and crafts and last of all DISGUSTING POEMS! some word for that could describe this book are entertaining, amusing, priceless and repulsive!!

If you still reading this you should definitely go and find at your local library and school library and real it from cover to cover!

Stay tuned for more posts😊😊

My Amazing Holidays!

It just melted in my mouth!!!! On the term 2 holidays my Dad and my two sisters flew to Noosa in Queensland!!! Amy and I went for a run and got some gelato!!!! It tasted delectable. We got it 3 out of the 10 nights we were there! the flavours I  got choc chip, cookies and cream and chocolate!!!! That is how i spend my holidays.

Our Post!


Today Yigit, Jack and I are going to tell you about the fun run! For you people out there who don’t know what the fun run is it is where Bourchier Street primary school run around the Shepparton lake! Yigit came 34th out of the grade four boys and Jack came 31st of out of the grade four boys as well and I came first out of the grade four girls! It was on Friday 24th of April! When it was finish, everyone got a free icy pole. There was lemonade, raspberry, orange and lime! Then we had assembly! At assembly I got a medal because I came first and we found out that Freeman won.